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Innovations in powder XRD - fast measurements in Debye-Scherrer geometry

Founded in 1887, STOE is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. STOE has been synonymous with superior quality and customer orientation. To celebrate this anniversary and to underscore its high-quality approach, STOE has launched its 10 Year Extended STOE Parts & Labor Guarantee for ALL new STOE Single-Crystal and Powder XRD systems.

Furthermore, STOE has presented new instrumentation to facilitate exciting powder XRD experiments:

[Stoe HT2]
[Quartz] Phase transition from α to β-quartz and back in a heating up and cooling down process.

STOE INSITU HT2 is the first commercially available in situ heating and reaction chamber in Debye-Scherrer mode for small sample amounts (5-20mm3) in a temperature range from RT to 1600°C and gas flows between 0.01 to 0.1 l/min. It allows studies of solid state or solid state-gas reactions in capillaries on all vertically mounted STOE transmission diffractometers with Mo or Ag Kα1 radiation.

[Stoe Multi-Mythen]

STOE MULTI-MYTHEN DETECTOR has been developed to afford ultra-high resolution data collection in shortest measuring times. Depending on the sample material, excellent powder data can be collected with a MULTI-MYTHEN 3K from 2 to 110° 2θ in less than a minute, from 0 to 54° 2θ in only a few seconds. See the latest STOE newsletter for details on the results of an LaB6 measurement, or contact STOE.

Both accessories are available for the STOE X-ray powder diffractometers STOE STADI P and STOE STADI MP.

[Stoe Stadi MP]

STOE's STADI MP combines the two most common diffractometer configurations: transmission/Debye-Scherrer and Bragg-Brentano geometry. The change between geometries is done in only a few minutes, without the need for any realignment. All geometries of STOE STADI MP and STADI P are running with pure Co, Cu, Mo or Ag Kα1 radiation.