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[Bill Duax]
This issue of the Newsletter contains yet another letter to the Editor concerning the relative ability of electron and X-ray diffraction to accurately reveal electron density in metals. A limit of 1/3 of a Newsletter page was arbitrarily imposed upon the author. The allocation of space to subsequent letters on the subject with follow a progression of 1/6, 1/12, 1/24, etc. of a page. While this progression may never end, the entries will soon become so small that they will be no imposition on the Newsletter’s page limit and IUCr finances.

It has been brought to my attention that the individual identified as Aslanov in the picture on page 10 of Vol. 8 # 3 is actually Antipin. I am surprised that neither has written to complain. Perhaps neither detected the error or each felt it would be undiplomatic to complain. In any event, I apologize to both.

This issue contains important information concerning the XIX IUCr Congress and General Assembly now scheduled to be held August 6-15, 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland (page 8). The local Organizers have done an excellent job of arranging for very economical and convenient housing as well as a superb meeting venue.

I also draw your attention to the publication of Volume F of the International Tables, 'Crystallography of biological macromolecules'. Michael Rossmann and Eddy Arnold have done a remarkable job of editing this large, comprehensive and splendidly illustrated volume that upholds the tradition of quality characteristic of the International Tables, that collection of volumes essential to the conduct of crystallography (pages 24 and 25).

William L. Duax