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Congratulations to...

[Kuriyan] J. Kuriyan
Pamela J. Bjorkman, Howard Hughes Medical Inst. (HHMI) and California Inst. of Technology, Pasadena; Russell J. Hemley, Carnegie Inst. of Washington, Washington, D.C.; and John Kuriyan, HHMI and Rockefeller U. are among the 73 new members of the The Nat’l Academy of Sciences (NAS). (Science, Vol. 292 11 May 2001)

• The 2001 Remsen Award of the American Chemical Society, Maryland Section was presented to Ad Bax, biophysical nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy section chief of the laboratory of chemical physics in the Inst of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases at the Nat’l Inst. of Health (C & EN, June 18, 2001)

Stanko Popovic, Physics Dept, Faculty of Science, U. of Zagreb, received the Annual State Award for 2000 for his scientific achievements in Powder Diffraction.

Ian A. Wilson of the Scripps Research Inst. ranks fifth among the ten Top-Funded Basic Research PIs with respect to grants from the Nat’l Inst of Health. He holds grants worth over $5.6 million for work in structural genomics. Most members of the top ten yearn for more time in the lab, but say they’re driven to seek more research funding by a surfeit of ideas, as well as the trend toward big biology. (Science, 15 June 2001, Vol. 292)

Jerry L. Atwood, Curators’ Professor and chairman of the dept. of chemistry at the U. of Missouri, Columbia, has received the 2000 Izatt-Christensen Award in the area of Macrocyclic Chemistry. Atwood has made significant contributions in fields such as supramolecular chemistry, X-ray crystallography, organoaluminum chemistry, and green chemistry. The award is given annually by IBC Advanced Technologies, American Fork, Utah. (C&EN, May 7, 2001)

• Oxford Instruments Superconductivity has appointed Frank Trundle as marketing director. Mr Trundle joins the executive team to build on their current success, and develop a strong marketing strategy to help meet the challenges within existing and emerging markets.

[Sheldrick] G. Sheldrick
• The Royal Society elected 42 new members on May 14, including crystallographers A.G.W. Leslie (MRC Lab of Molecular Biology, U. of Cambridge) for revealing a number of biologically important structures in atomic detail, and G.M. Sheldrick (The Inst. for Inorganic Chemistry, U. of Göttingen, Germany) for major contributions to methods and his chemical X-ray crystallography computer program, SHELX. (C & EN, June 18, 2001)