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Catalyzing career transitions to computational molecular biology

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the U.S. Dept of Energy (Office of Health and Environmental Research) announce the fifth round of a jointly-sponsored postdoctoral research awards program for scientists interested in computational molecular biology. The purpose of these fellowships is to catalyze career transitions into computational molecular biology from physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, engineering and related fields. The focus is upon computational molecular biology related to data and information from studies of human and other genomes. Computational molecular biology is taken broadly to include the application of mathematics (continuous and discrete), statistics, probability, and computer science to fundamental problems of molecular biology.

Awards will support up to two years of research work in an appropriate molecular biology dept or lab in the US or Canada selected by the applicant. Applicants must be citizens or legal permanent residents of the US.

The application deadline is Feb. 1, 2000. Further details are available at