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CrystEngComm on-line

Crystal engineering excompasses rational crystal syntheses and design and the evaluation of the physical and chemical properties of the resulting crystalline materials. The Royal Soc. of Chemistry has announced the start of a new electronic journal on crystal enginering: CrystEngComm. The Editorial Board is formed by D. Braga (Scientific Editor), G.R. Desiraju, J. Miller, A.G. Orpen, S. Price and J. Humphrey (RSC Managing Editor). Publication of the first issue is scheduled for Oct. 1999. Submissions are invited.

CrystEngComm is a forum for the electronic publication of significant original research in all branches of crystal engineering. CrystEngComm aims to develop synergetic interactions between those involved in the design, synthesis, characterization, modeling, and theoretical evaluations, of building blocks and new materials and to further the exploitation of their physical properties. CrystEngComm targets a broad interdisciplinary research community; thus, submissions to CrystEngComm must have wide general appeal or be of exceptional interest in a specialized area. Further instructions for submission are available at Direct information may also be obtained from D. Braga, U. of Bologna ( or

Dario Braga