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Academic software

The Higher Education National Software Archive (HENSA) is on the www, the part for micro computers is at with sections for PCs, Macs, and Acorn. You can find versions of the popular protein display package RASMOL, a public domain ray tracing package POVray, and PGPLOT a portable graphics package written in Fortran77 (for details see The ISIS supported analysis software, GENIE, now uses PGPLOT for its graphics. ( ORNL, the originators of ORTEP, the thermal ellipsoid drawing program, have added an interface to PGPLOT to simplify porting ORTEP across to new computers. ( D.S.Sivia has written a set of routines PGXTAL, for 3D plotting structures and density maps with PGPLOT (
from the BCA Crystallography News, Mar. 1999

The Commission of Powder Diffraction, Newsletter No. 21, May 1999 contains a summary of Powder Diffraction activities in India (Editor Siba Sen-Gupta) and a description of eight programs for powder analysis. Available at