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ICDD Scholarships

2000 Awards

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To encourage promising graduate students to pursue crystallographically oriented research, the Int’1 Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) has established a Crystallography Scholarship Fund. The year 2000 Scholarship Award has been increased to $2,250. The deadline for applications sent by FAX is Oct. 29, 1999, hard copy deadline is Dec. 1, 1999. E-mail applications are not acceptable. More information is available at

1999 Scholarships

The ICDD Crystallography Scholarship Committee has selected five winners for the 1999 Scholarship program. They are: B. DeLaBarre (McMaster U., Canada), S.P. Farrell (U. of West. Ontario, Canada), C. Lind (Georgia Inst. of Tech., USA) O. Navon (Ben-Gurion U. of the Negev, Israel) K.S. Weil, Carnegie Mellon U., USA). B. DeLaBarre’s studies focus on Determining the Phases for a Difficult Protein Structure. S. Farrell’s research involves Sulphur K- and L-Edge XANES of 3d Transition Metal Sulphides and Silicate and Germanate Glasses. The exploration of New Negative Thermal Expansion Materials Related to Cubic ZrW2O8, will be conducted by C. Lind. O. Navonís thesis research concerns Polymorphism and the Influence of Crystal Forces on Molecular Conformation. K.S. Weil will continue his Investigation of the Formation, Structure, and Magnetic Behavior of Compounds in the Nickel-Molybdenum-Nitride System.