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Slovenian-Croatian Meeting

Pokljuka, The Julian Alps, June 2012

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[Slo-Cro lecturers] Plenary lecturers (from left): F. Perdih, Z. Popović, L. McCusker, and K. Koch.

The 21st Slovenian-Croatian Crystallographic Meeting was held at Triglav National Park in the highest mountains in Slovenia in June 2012. There were four plenary lectures, describing different aspects of crystallography: L. McCusker (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), 'Powder diffraction, electron microscopy and microdiffraction - meeting the challenge of zeolite structure analysis'; K. R. Koch (Stellenbosch, South Africa), 'Deceptively simple, rich platinum(II/IV) and rhodium(III) chemistry viewed through new eyes: what secrets can the 195Pt/103Rh nuclei reveal about their molecular disguise in the solution and solid-state'; Z. Popović (Zagreb, Croatia), 'Correlation between supramolecular interactions and structural characteristics of AgI complexes'; and Franc Perdih (Ljubljana, Slovenia), 'Structural aspects of organotitanium fluorides'.

There were 38 oral contributions concerning macromolecules, organic, organometallic, pharmaceutical and inorganic compounds, crystal architecture, crystal engineering, metallurgy, solid solutions, powder diffraction broadening, small-angle scattering, synergy of diffraction, microscopy, structure and properties, and nanocrystallography. The meeting featured a visit to a lake and castle and a presentation about the Julian Alps. There were 60 active participants from 9 countries including many young scientists.

[Slo-Cro trip] Visit of participants to Bled Castle.

We thank the sponsors, the Slovenian Research Agency and the Faculty of Chemistry and Chem. Technology, U. of Ljubljana, for making this meeting registration free. Additional details and a photo gallery are available at

The 22nd Cro-Slo Cryst Meeting (CSCM22) will be held June 12-16, 2013, in Biograd, in the center of the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Ivan Leban