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A new approach to synchrotron energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction computed tomography

J. Synchrotron Rad. (2012). 19, 471-477 (

[Reconstructed slices] Reconstructed two-dimensional slices from sinograms.

A new data-collection strategy for performing energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction computed tomography has been devised which overcomes previous limitations of such methods, in particular spatial resolution. The method is best suited to studying large bulk objects, e.g. for engineering and materials science applications, because it does not suffer from diffraction broadening effects. Using a computed tomography approach, diffraction signals can be imaged inside bulk objects and used to identify specific materials.

O. Lazzari, C. K. Egan, S. D. M. Jacques, T. Sochi, M. Di Michiel, R. J. Cernik and P. Barnes