Volume 22, Number 1 (2014)

On the cover

IYCr: (clockwise from top left) UNESCO Headquarters at night; Opening session audience; Welcome session (left to right) Alain Fuchs, Nicole Moreau, John Dudley, Walter Maresch, and Claude Lecomte; model showing the structure of Maya Blue; Gautam Desiraju, IUCr President. See article here. Latin America: Participants at the First Latin American Crystallography Meeting. See article here.

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J. Agbenyega, J. Bernstein, E. Boldyreva, G. Díaz de Delgado, H. Einspahr, J. Garcia-Ruiz, C. Howard, W. Kaminsky, A. Linden, P. Moeck, U. Mueller, E. Nishibori, A. Sharpe, T. J. Snyder, M. S. Weiss, M. Zema.


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