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USNC/Cr Young Observers Program Participant

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Anastasiya Vinokur from the U. of Wisconsin wrote extensively about her experiences as a Young Observer at the IUCr meeting in Montreal:

Young Observers opened a window for me to a wider community. I sat one afternoon at the USNCCr booth and listened to an impromptu history of crystallography from people who witnessed it unfolding. I attended talks by crystallographers about whom I had only read in textbooks. I watched the Union delegates waltz through the challenges of politics and science. This is a vibrant ever-changing community and I felt excited to become part of it. I am just at the beginning of my scientific career, but I see the path that I want to take: there is a place for me among the world's crystallographers. Attending the IUCr 2014 this summer widened my horizons, taught me new concepts, introduced me to a new people and made me, I hope, a better scientist. I look forward to attending the ACA meeting in Philadelphia next summer so as to learn more and to grow more.

(ACA RefleXions, Winter, 2014)