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High-pressure crystallography: status artis and emerging opportunities

Erice, Italy, 27 May to 5 June, 2016

The 48th Course of the International School of Crystallography will take place in Erice from 27 May to 5 June, 2016. The course will give a general overview of the ever-expanding use of high pressure: from the very modest pressure required to induce the denaturation of proteins and modify intermolecular interactions, through the higher pressures required to synthesise new materials for technological application, to the ultra-high pressures required to radically alter the chemical and physical properties of simple elements and materials or recreate the conditions found in Earth's and other planets' interiors. All these aspects make it a versatile and central tool in condensed matter science. The objective of this course is to educate young researchers in the interdisciplinary aspects of high-pressure crystallography research and to inspire the next generation of high-pressure scientists to leave their own stamp on the field. Fundamental topics covered in the course include experimental techniques for pressure generation, X-ray and neutron diffraction on single-crystal and powder materials, comparative structural studies, and combined high-temperature and low-temperature experiments. Lectures will be complemented by demonstration and workshop sessions. The course will provide a platform for young and senior scientists to interact, and to identify and discuss new challenges in this rapidly evolving and vibrant research area. Please visit the still in-progress and renewed website (

Directors: Francesca F. Fabbiani, Malcolm Guthrie and John Parise