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New products

Laboratory Grating Mount Model NLGM

This mount accommodates a range of grating sizes and provides three-axis angular adjustments. Two fine-pitch angular adjustments align the grating normal/optical beam in experiments and instruments. The third adjustment rotates the grating about the normal axis to align the grating blaze angle. Ultra-fine screw adjustment is provided for this adjustment. These functions also make the mount usable for any sensor face that requires alignment of the normal of the detecting face and has rotational asymmetry. Axis indicators are used to help avoid misadjustments/wrong axis adjustments. The grating is held by nylon-faced metal retainers to prevent glass-to-metal compression from both faces. The back face has metal contact for accurate and stable location of the grating. The mount is also adjustable for thickness of the grating for the full range of thickness applicable to the size gratings accommodated.

The mount attaches directly to NRT rotary tables for large angular scanning. When precise linear location of the grating mount is required, the mount directly attaches to NTS-1, -2, or -3 translation stages for X, X-Y, or X-Y-Z positioning of the grating mount with or without the NRT angular rotation. The photograph shows the front and back views of the mount. No grating is installed. Standard sizes available.

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24 KW Heat Removal

The new, RC750 Recirculating Cooler replaces tap water for a wide variety of cooling applications including cooling of lasers, exothermic chemical reactions, plastics molding and extrusion equipment, and multiple instruments. The RC750 can remove over 24,000 W while maintaining a constant outlet temperature of 20°C. A wide variety of pump options is available with flow rates up to 20 gpm or pressures up to 100 psig.

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