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Science of Crystal Structures - Highlights in Crystallography

ISBN 978-3-319-19826-2
Springer International Publishing (2015), 335 pp.
Editors: István Hargittai and Balazs Hargittai

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This anthology contains a selection of 33 articles by leaders in the field of crystallography that appeared in Structural Chemistry from 1990 to 2015. They are collected under the general headings of Direct Methods, Beyond the Classical System, Structural and Materials Properties, and Data Mining and Management. That the authors of the 33 articles come from 14 countries is testament to the international character of the field.

Quoting from the Preface:

From the start, there has been a characteristic direction in this periodical to bring out reports related to generalized crystallography, quasicrystals, icosahedral packing, other packing considerations, extended structures, data treatment and data mining, and what we would call 'living history'.

Several of the contributions came from the schools of such trend-setting crystallographers as J. Desmond Bernal and Aleksandr I. Kitaigorodskii. Internationally renowned scientists have figured as authors, among them Tom L. Blundell, Johann Jacob Burckhardt, John L. Finney, Jenny P. Glusker, Nobel laureate Herbert A. Hauptman, the 2014 Ewald Prize winner A. Janner, Aminoff Prize winner Isabella Karle, Nobel laureate Jerome Karle, the late doyen of Chinese crystallography K. H. Kuo, Buckley Prize winner Alan L. Mackay, Ewald Prize winner David Sayre, Vladimir Shevchenko and King Faisal Prize winner (and recent Nobel laureate) J. Fraser Stoddart.