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2nd Crystallography Olympiad

Wrocław, Poland, June 2016

[W. Jankowski] Wojciech Jankowski (left) receives special prize (B. Rupp's textbook with author's dedication) for the youngest finalist. Photo courtesy of R. Paszkowski.
[Attendees] The Laureates, Organizers and some sponsors of the 2nd Crystallography Olympiad in Wrocław. The 1st Prize winner (ex aequo with A. Gotner), A. Truchlewski, is holding his air ticket to Japan. The Chair of the Organizing Committee, E. Michalski, is third from the right. Photo courtesy of R. Paszkowski.

On 22 June, 2016, the Finals of the 2nd Crystallography Olympiad were held in Wrocław, Poland. There were 38 finalists from Universities and 4 high-school pupils. The final 2-hour tournament consisted of 60 test questions and 5 open problems. The Olympiad Committee, chaired by Edward Michalski, selected questions and problems covering all aspects of crystallography of materials, chemistry and biology. Two first-place prize winners tied with a score of 70.25/80: Aleksandra Gotner (Marie Curie-Skłodowska U.) and Adam Truchlewski (Łódź U. of Technology). A MacBook computer went to Aleksandra, and Adam will go for a one-week trip to Japan sponsored by Testchem-Rigaku. The Committee named nine additional Laureates (, whose results were outstanding. They received computers and computer accessories, sponsored by PANalytical, Rigaku Oxford Diffraction, Bruker and Devmatech-Stoe.

We hope that the annual Crystallography Olympiad in Poland will inspire an International Crystallography Olympiad.

Mariusz Jaskolski