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Special issues

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IYCr Crystallization Series Crystal structure prediction CCP-FEL: a collection of computer programs for free-electron laser research

All 20 articles in Acta Cryst. F's IYCr Crystallization Series are now available as a virtual issue ( Protein crystallization - state of the art is guest-edited by Howard Einspahr, and contains everything you need to know about the crystallization of biological macromolecules.

The August 2016 issue of Acta Cryst. B gives a flavour of progress and current research in the area of crystal structure prediction ( Developments continue to be made in computational approaches for calculating the stabilities of molecular crystals, as well as for exploring crystal packing possibilities. As exemplified in the sixth blind test of crystal structure prediction, these methods are becoming applicable to complex target structures. The Guest Editors, Graeme M. Day and Carl Henrik Görbitz, hope that this varied and high-quality issue will stimulate interest and new research in this area, as well as the publication of future research in the journal.

The latest virtual special issue of the Journal of Applied Crystallography presents tools for a range of topics in free-electron laser (FEL) research such as simulation of experiments, online monitoring of data collection, selection of hits, diagnostics of data quality, data management, data analysis and structure determination for both nanocrystallography and single-particle diffractive imaging. CCP-FEL: a collection of computer programs for free-electron laser research ( is guest-edited by Filipe R. N. C. Maia, Thomas A. White, N. Duane Loh and Janos Hajdu, and brings together a series of specially commissioned articles published in the journal between April and August 2016.