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Crystallography in Novosibirsk

40 years ago, G.B. Bokii, a corresponding member of the Russian Acad. of Sciences, established a crystal chemistry lab in the new Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Novosibirsk. Today the lab completes over 40 crystal structures yearly. These include metal oxides (R.F. Klevtsova and S.F. Solodovnikov), transition metal complexes with organic ligands (G.V. Romanenko and N.V. Pervukhina), natural and modified zeolites (V.V. Bakakin) and chalcogen-containing metal carbonyl clusters (N.V. Podberezskaya and A.V. Virovets). Other studies concern analysis of crystal-forming factors including formation conditions, phase transformations, packing regularities of complex coordination compounds (N.V. Podberezskaya), and close-packed atomic nets and sets ordered via a system of elastic planar standing waves (S.V. Borisov). A study is in progress on volatile compounds that form mono- and melting layers on crystalline substrates. Perfectly oriented polycrystalline films are obtained for some compounds and conclusions concerning the structural organization of the layers (I.A. Baidina and S.A. Gromilov). We also maintain a database of "Inorganic Crystal Structures", with emphasis on technical materials (S.A. Magarill). The work of the lab forms a significant part of the contents of the Journal of Structural Chemistry published by the Inst. of Inorganic Chemistry. For more information contact: E-mail:

S. Borisov