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Travel support

Dear Dr. Duax,

I attended the 1996 ACA Crystallography School in Pittsburgh and the IUCr Congress and General Assembly in Seattle, Washington. The course in crystallography helped me with structure analysis of Triazene compounds (anticancer) which I published in Acta Cryst. (53c, Aug, 1997) and presented at a meeting in Poland. I would like to attend the XVIII IUCr Congress in Scotland. Unfortunately, I have no job, I am working as a research associate with no means of attending the International meeting. I would appreciate your help in getting support to attend the Congress.

Chitra Samanta

Dear Chitra,

Thank you for your letter. It is very unfortunate that despite the crystallographic skills you are developing, you are unemployed. I regret that I am not in a position to offer you financial assistance to attend the Congress in Glasgow. There will be funds available for partial support of students attending the Congress. Rules concerning application for that support are in the Call for Papers distributed with this issue of the IUCr Newsletter and can be found on the Web ( The governments of many countries recognize the importance of X-ray crystallographic analysis to the scientific infrastructure of the country and some countries even allocate financial support for promising students and young scientists to attend the International Congress. In view of the long tradition of crystallographic research in India, it is unfortunate that funds are not available for more support of crystallographers and crystallography in India.