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Philips acquires Active Impulse Systems

Philips Analytical of Almelo, The Netherlands, has acquired Active Impulse Systems (AIS) of Natick, Massachusetts (USA).

AIS is a semiconductor metrology equipment manufacturer with a reputation for the development of opto-acoustic technology products in the growing field of thin film metrology. Their products offer a solution for giving fast and non-destructive measurements, including thickness and uniformity, of opaque metal thin films, including copper, in silicon wafer processing, a key aspect of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Philips Analytical is a leading supplier of instrumentation and software for x-ray diffraction and x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.

AIS's customer base will benefit from the transaction through a customer support network in over 60 countries.

For further information, contact: J. Cohen, Philips Media Relations, Tel: 31 20 5977213.