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It's good to talk

The IUCr announces a new discussion-list service as a means of stimulating written discussions amongst crystallographers on topics relevant to the IUCr and the field of crystallography. The discussion lists are complementary to the other information services (print and electronic) of the IUCr. The printed quarterly IUCr Newsletter and the electronic web services ( are provided by the IUCr for the dissemination of information to a very wide and unrestricted circle of subscribers. On the other hand the discussion lists are provided for smaller groups interested in or working together on specific topics. They are ideal for IUCr Commissions, sub-commissions, committees, working groups and other bodies.

Lists already exist to serve the Electronic Publishing Committee and various groups working on the CIF project. Others may be requested under the terms of the policy document at Discussions are archived and made available through public, searchable web pages. The IUCr will offer these archive and search facilities to other suitable lists maintained elsewhere.

For further details consult the web pages at and mirror sites, or send an email inquiry to

Brian McMahon, IUCr, Chester
Howard Flack, EPC Chair, Geneva