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Crystallography in Russia

Institute of Crystallography, Moscow

[N. V. Belov]
The X-ray laboratory was established by Academician Professor N. V. Belov in 1943. The current focus of the laboratory is upon correlations between crystal structure and physical properties of materials. Xray diffraction is being used to determine structures ranging from minerals to biologically active molecules. Temperature studies and investigations under pressure illuminate phase transition mechanism at the atomic level. Structural studies of modulated phases, the anomalous behavior of the thermal vibrations, chemical bonding in crystal and second-order phase transitions are being pursued. Recent results include:
  1. Studies of T1 and Y- high-temperature superconductors below and above the superconducting phase transition.
  2. Investigations of Na+ and Li+ solid electrolytes in their superionic phase transition.
  3. Studies of non-linear optical materials of the KTiOPO4 family and modification of their superionic, and ferroelectric properties.
  4. Studies of (M2+1-xR3+x)F2+x solid solutions and the structural basis for their high ionic F1- conductivity.
  5. Studies of crystals possessing special physical properties - including La3Ga3SiO14(Ba,Sr)Nb2O2, LiNbO3, and K(H,D)PO4.

Three Doctors of Sciences, seven Candidates of Sciences, a staff of skilled engineers-designers work in the laboratory, which has four 4-circle single crystal diffractometers.

V.I. Simonov
Head of X-Ray Laboratory,