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Structural mineralogy

[MSA logo]The Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) has 1938 members of whom 488 express interest in crystallography/crystal chemistry. The MSA publishes a newsletter (The Lattice), and a new electronic journal - Geological Materials Research online at, and a popular review series, Reviews in Mineralogy (RM). A recent volume in the series Ultrahigh-Pressure Mineralogy was edited by Russell Hemley and David Mao. In collaboration with the Geochemical Society, the RM has become RMG (Reviews of Mineralogy and Geochemistry). New publications in the MSA Monograph series include N. L. Bowen and Crystallization Differentiation by Davis Young, Methods of Optical Crystallography by D. Bloss; a special issue of the MSA journal (American Mineralogists on mineral physics will honor Charles Prewitt).