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The Hungarian Chemical Society

Alajos Kálmán, who was a member of the Executive Committee of the IUCr from 1984-1990 and served as its Vice-President 1990-1993, was elected President of the Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE).

The Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE) was founded by 50 chemists in 1907 to serve the interests of Hungarian chemists. Their program was centered on promoting the development of chemical science and chemical industry.

The objective of MKE is to raise the professional level of its members, promote their public activity, recognize their work, and promote technical, economic and social development in Hungary.

The Society organizes scientific, technical and economic lectures, meetings, and exhibitions, organizes radio and TV programs in subjects related to the chemical industry, and publishes The Hungarian Journal of Chemistry, Hungarian Chemical Journal and Chemical Papers for Secondary School. MKE has created four annual awards.

Alajos Kalman