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Reports greatly exaggerated

Dear Bill

When I read the report the Jürg Waser had died, I immediately phoned Judy Schomaker. She immediately phoned Pludi Waser, in La Jolla, who reported that Jürg is just fine. ????

Dick Marsh

Dear Bill

The editor's report on p. 4 of the current issue of the IUCr Newsletter reports my demise. Not so!! I think that I am still good for at least another 10 years. I am curious about where you got this info. A correction would be appreciated.

Jürg Waser

Dear Dr Waser

I owe you an apology for what is without doubt my greatest editorial error yet. I am delighted to learn that I was wrong and to hear that you are alive and well and living in La Jolla. I must have misunderstood my highly placed source. I accept sole responsibility for this grievous mistake and hope you will forgive me.