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Memorial to the Braggs

Dear Bill

[Bragg memorial plaque]
I photographed this plaque at North Terrace, Adelaide, a major road going past the Railway Station, the Parliament, The Museum, the Art Gallery, the cricket ground, the University and of course the Casino. There were a whole collection of plaques in the footpath (sidewalk). And right next to one listing the achievements of Don Bradman, the most famous cricketer of all time (a regular Babe Ruth), was this to the Braggs (note: even in Australia we have things in alphabetical order). As you are aware WH was a Professor of Physics at Adelaide early last century, and WL was actually born in Adelaide. While I was doing my Ph.D. in about 1959, WL returned and was feted by my University (NSWUT at the time). I thought this image might be good for the ACA Newsletter.
Colin Kennard, retired, formerly U. of Queensland, Australia