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Determination of the dynamic deformation tensor by time-resolved triple-crystal diffractometry

J. Synchrotron Rad. (2005). 12, 685–689

[Triple-crystal diffractometry] Time dependence of (a) dilational component, D11, and (b) shear component, D12, of a deformation tensor with ultrafast laser irradiation at 1 kHz. Laser shots are at time = 0.
The brightest X-rays from the SPring-8 27 m undulator have enabled fast time-resolved measurements with a triple-crystal diffractometer. This was applied to detecting minute and fast dynamic deformation in nearly perfect GaAs crystals in a manner that dilational and shear components of the deformation tensor were separately determined. A digital storage oscilloscope recorded the time-varying signal from a photodiode detector with less than 100 ns time resolution. With ultrashort laser pulse irradiation, pulsed photothermal deformation and a following flexural standing wave were clearly detected.
Y. Hayashi, N. Tsukuda, E. Kuramoto, Y. Tanaka and T. Ishikawa