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Acta Cryst. (2005). C61, m417–m418

[Sodium tetraethoxyborate] View of the unit-cell contents of the title compound along the a axis, showing the one-dimensional polymers along the twofold c axis.
Recent interest in using borohydrides as hydrogen storage media for a future ‘hydrogen energy economy’ initiated our interest in alcoholysis derivatives of sodium borohydride. The title compound, NaB(OEt)4, is accessible from both sodium borate and sodium borohydride. The crystal structure shows the compound existing as a one-dimensional polymer, incorporating 4-coordinated sodium atoms. The simplicity of the structure is in contrast with the methoxide derivative, which contains methanol molecules bridging 5-coordinated sodium atoms in a two-dimensional structure, and the ethylene glycol derivative, which incorporates 6-coordinated sodium atoms.
G. J. Gainsford and T. Kemmitt