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Argentinian Crystallography Association 3rd annual meeting

San Luis, Argentina, October, 2007

[Participants]A selected group of participants, during a sightseeing tour at “Potrero de los Funes” lake, some 15 km from San Luis
Over 50 participants submitted 24 contributions (from 82 authors) to the IIIrd Annual Meeting of the Argentinian Crystallography Assn (AACr). There were 14 lectures including four plenary lectures delivered by noted scientists from Argentina and neighboring countries, on the following topics: “Structural Biology at the Pasteur Inst. of Montevideo: a protein crystallography approach in understanding bacterial lipid synthesis regulation” (A. Buschiazzo, Montevideo, Uruguay); “Combined Crystallographic and molecular dynamics study of complexes of calixarene derivatives with contaminant metal atoms”, (O. Piro, La Plata, Argentina); “MGAC (Modified Genetic Algorithm for Crystals and Clusters): prediction of flexible molecules”, (M. Ferraro, Buenos Aires, Argentina); and “Structure and structural transformation of disordered nanomaterials. Experimental and theoretical challenges to structural characterization”, (A. Craievich, Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Contributed papers covered a wide range of disciplines which benefit from crystallography: structural chemistry (organic, inorganic, biological compounds), materials science (crystal growth, phase diagrams, characterization), mineralogy, and, of course, the inescapable “nano” sciences.

The organizers expressed thanks to all the sponsors whose contributions helped ensure the success of the meeting and they plan to organize future meetings on a regular basis.

The IVth Annual Meeting will take place at Bahia Blanca, Argentina, sometime in October 2008 (precise date to be confirmed). For further information please contact or

Ricardo Baggio