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Frolic-Goats high-pressure single-crystal diffraction workshop

Poznan, Poland, April, 2008

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[Participants]Participant of the Frolic-Goats 2008 Workshop (left-to-right): Andrzej Katrusiak, Marek Daszkiewicz, Waldemar Nowicki, Anna Olejniczak, Malgorzata Ratajczak-Sitarz, Marek Szafranski, Katarzyna Jakóbek, Maciej Bujak, Armand Budzianowski, Marcin Podsiadlo, Kamil Dziubek, Roman Gajda, Ulrich Schwarz, Marcin Stachowicz, Maura Malinska, Marcin Jarek, Pawel Piszora, Joanna Loch, Julia Bakowicz, Kinga Ostrowska, Magdalena Mansfeld, Grzegorz Stefanski, Aneta Idczak, Damian Jeczminski, Hanna Piotrowicz.
A high-pressure single crystal diffraction workshop was organized in the Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz U in Poznan, April 13-16, 2008. Several research groups in our Faculty share one 4-circle CCD diffractometer, and there is an emphases on high-pressure measurements. Efficient procedures for preparing the diamond-anvil cell (DAC), loading samples into the DAC, mounting and centering the DAC, increasing the quality of data and precision of results have been developed and were demonstrated at the workshop. Lectures on “Diamond-Anvil Cell (DAC) design, preparation and loading” (A. Olejniczak), “Single-crystal high-pressure diffractometry” (A. Budzianowski), “Reduction of DAC high-pressure data” (A. Katrusiak), “Practical aspects of solving and refining high-pressure structures” (M. Bujak, Opole U.) and “Tailoring electronic properties of materials by high pressure” (U. Schwarz - Max Planck Inst., Dresden) were complemented by practical exercises on “DAC preparation, loading and pressure calibration” (R. Gajda) and “X-ray diffraction with a DAC” (A. Budzianowski, M. Podsiadło). Leisure time was spent sightseeing in Poznan, (capital of Poland between 940-1039, and now the academic centre for 180K students). The Frolic Goats of the renaissance town hall, equipped with the diamond anvils, were chosen as the logo of the Workshop.