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Croatian–Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting

Baška, Croatia, June, 2011

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[Petricek and Pevec] Saša Petriček and plenary lecturer Andrej Pevec.

The 20th Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting (CSCM20) was held in the small town of Baška, on the island of Krk, Croatia, in June 2011. The Meeting was organized by the Croatian Crystallographic Association and the Slovenian Crystallographic Society, under the auspices of the Dept. of Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

[Audience] Audience during a meeting session.

Five plenary lecturers and 56 oral contributions from 150 contributing authors were given. 74 participants and 13 accompanying persons came from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, UK, Croatia and Slovenia. The plenary lecturers were: Mario Cetina (Zagreb), 'From self-inclusion and host-guest complexes to channel structures'; Tomislav Friščić (Cambridge), 'How to be efficient and environmentally-friendly at the same time: solid-state routes to materials and molecules'; Vaclav Holy (Prague), 'Synchrotron-related methods of investigation of nanostructures'; Andrej Pevec (Ljubljana), 'Structural studies of some organotitanium(IV) complexes'; Ana Šantić (Zagreb), 'Charge carrier transport in materials with disordered structures'. Short oral contributions dealt with biologically active molecules, proteins, organometallic compounds, pharmaceuticals, microstructure of composites and its relation to properties.

[Organisers] Slo-Cro team: Ivan Leban, Danica Šegedin, Janja Leban, Božena Popović, Stanko Popović and Primož Šegedin.

The meeting was financially supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Rep. of Croatia. Sponsors included: PLIVA, Pharmaceutical Co., Bruker, Mikro+Polo, Zagrebačka Banka, Unicredit Group, Agilent Technologies, Renacon, Panalytical, Scan, Dectris, Incoatec, Alfa, Publishing Co., Hotelibaska, Baška. The meeting was organized without a registration fee.

The members of the Organizing Committee were: Honorary Chair B. Kamenar (Zagreb,) Chairs S. Popović (Zagreb), and I. Leban (Ljubljana), members M. Bijelić, M. Cetina, M. Luić, D. Matković-Čalogović, J. Popović, Ž. Skoko, Z. Štefanić, A. Tonejc, A. Višnjevac, (Zagreb), B. Kozlevčar, N. Lah, A. Meden, (Ljubljana).

[Santic et al] Plenary lecturer Ana Šantić, Marijana Đaković, Andrea Moguš Milanković, Krešimir Molčanov.

An excursion was organized to Jurandvor and the old town of Krk, well known for its cathedrals, castles and walls. Refreshments were provided in a bar-museum, Volsonis, showing excavations of Roman monuments. The participants visited the church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor, which was built in 1100 AD on the ruins of a Christian church from the 7th century. The church houses the mythic Baška tablet which bears the earliest known inscription in the Croatian language, in glagolitic script, also dating to 1100 AD. The word Croatian and the name of a Croatian king, Zvonimir, are mentioned in the script.

[Friscic and Judas] Plenary lecturer Tomislav Friščić and Nenad Judaš
[Friscis and Cetina] Plenary lecturers Tomislav Friščić and Mario Cetina

The meeting closed with the Band Zvonimir and the Folklore ensemble Šoto, Jurandvor, performing Croatian dances and songs typical for the island of Krk.

The 21st Meeting will be held next year in Slovenia. Details are available at

Stanko Popović and Ivan Leban