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publBio, an online tool for preparing biological data for publication

What better time than the International Year of Crystallography 2014 to review some of the useful tools available to help you submit your next paper to an IUCr journal?

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The editors of Acta Cryst. F and staff at the IUCr Editorial Office in Chester have been working diligently at improving and updating publBio for authors. publBio ( is designed to make the process of preparing and submitting your article to Acta Cryst. F as simple and as efficient as possible.

publBio consists of two parts: publBio publisher and publBio annotator. publisher is a tool for writing and submitting articles, whilst annotator is a tool for editing mmCIFs. The IUCr Word template now also has some of the functionality of publBio and, just like publBio, offers the option of utilizing data from an existing PDB deposition or an mmCIF file when creating the tables in an article.

[Jonathan Agbenyega] Jonathan Agbenyega

The recently revised publBio publisher makes writing and submitting your Acta Cryst. F article much easier than before. It guides you through the article section by section, giving help and advice on what to include to produce a quality article that will interest readers.

publBio tables highlight all the items editors ask for, and data can be fetched automatically from your mmCIF or PDB file. Figures and supporting information can also be uploaded to complete your article. When you are ready to submit, one click takes you to Acta Cryst. F submission pages pre-filled for your article.

The editors of Acta Cryst. F welcome your feedback as you use these tools. If you would like to learn more or enquire about how you can sign up to a meeting or workshop where we'll demo the tools, please contact me at

Jonathan Agbenyega, IUCr Business Development Manager