Volume 8, Number 4 (2000)

On the cover

We celebrate the launch of Acta Cryst. E - the IUCr's first electronic-only journal.

Editorial and production

William L. Duax Editor
Patricia Coley Newsletter Design & Production
Jane Griffin and Andrea Sharpe Assistant Editor


F. Bensamka, N. Bouhmaida, I. D. Brown, B. Clegg, M. Dacombe, J. Dillen, M. Evans, R. D. B. Fraser, S. E. Fraser, S. P. Gupta, J. Helliwell, Y. Lam, I. Leban, M. Mukherjee, Y. A. Muller, I. Olovsson, O. Paris, S. Popovic, L. Riva di Sanseverino, A. Sharpe, E. V. Sokolova, J. A. Speer, T. Steiner, B. Tanouti, A. Thalal, J. J. Vittal, H. Winick, A. I. Yanovsky.

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