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Reuse of books and journals

Dear Sir

In Vol. 8#2 of the IUCr Newsletter, I read the note from Bill and Kirsten Streib on the Letters to the Editor page about the volumes of Acta Cryst. and the basic X-ray crystallography texts which they wished to offer to the public rather than recycle.

Since retirement I should also like to dispose of many of my basic crystallography books for which I have no further use. I am enclosing a list of them in the hopes that potential recipients may be found via Newsletters and websites.

Ethel J. Watts
California, USA

Dear Mrs Watts

I feel certain that your collection of basic crystallographic books would be very welcome in many laboratories and universities in countries that are just beginning to develop crystallographic capabilities, particularly in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Please ship your books to the ACA/IUCr office in Buffalo for storage pending distribution.


The Streib Acta collection is being shipped to Jordan, and three boxes of Mrs. Watts' books are now in Buffalo