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Journal Grants Fund

The International Union of Crystallography is pleased to announce the establishment of a Journal Grants Fund providing journals at reduced subscription rates. Grants are only open to Institutions taking out new subscriptions. In the first year of operation, only institutions that have not held a subscription in the past three years will be considered.

The granting procedure is determined by a Sub-committee of the Executive Committee, chaired by a member of the Executive Committee. The Sub-committee reports to the Executive Committee by providing a list of applicants in order of priority. The procedure is organised as a competition with some constraints such as:

  • the grants should be distributed on a fair regional basis
  • member countries have priority over non-member countries
  • institutions publishing papers in IUCr journals receive preference

Grants will last 3 years and cover from 25% to 85% of the costs of subscriptions. Successful applicants will be invoiced for 15% to 75% of the list price. Each year 20 grants will be available for each of the six print journals and free online access is included. The first year starts with 60 grants for each journal: 20 with a duration of 1 year, 20 with a duration of 2 years, and 20 with a duration of 3 years. When the one-year and two-year grants expire, Institutions are eligible to re-enter the competition up to a maximum grant period of three years.