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[Bill Duax]I wish to express the appreciation of the Executive Committee of the IUCr to the people in dozens of countries throughout the world who devote time, energy and financial support to assist in the distribution of the IUCr Newsletter in their part of the world. These individuals and, in some cases, the organizations they represent are listed in the table. These people maintain mailing lists in their country and see to it that the IUCr Newsletter is distributed within their country in a timely fashion. They have expressed a willingness to expand the distribution of the IUCr Newsletter to include new crystallographers and other scientists and friends of physical sciences who are interested or should be interested in the world of crystallography and the activities of the IUCr. If you know of individuals in those countries who are not receiving the IUCr Newsletter and could benefit from doing so (including yourself ) please send names and addresses directly to the appropriate distributors listed to the right. If you are in a country that does not benefit from the assistance of a local or regional distributor, and you are willing to assist in distribution in your country, either personally or by arranging with a national society to implement such a distribution, please contact me.

The Crystallographic Society of Japan distributes 1000 copies of each issue to its members. B. W. Skelton includes some issues of the IUCr Newsletter with the mailing of the Newsletter of the Australian crystallographers. The most recent additions to the list are Cuba and Portugal. The service provided by the crystallographers usually results in more timely delivery as well as permitting inexpensive wider distribution.

This is also a good time for me to express my appreciation to the editors of the Newsletters of the British Crystallographic Association (Kate Crennell), the American Crystallographic Association (Judy Flippen-Anderson and Ron Stenkamp), and the Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand (Brian Skelton) and the Commission on Powder Diffraction (rotating editors recently include Bill David and Lachlan Cranswick) for generously allowing me free use of material in their publications for inclusion in the IUCr Newsletter.

Bill Duax