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Mineralogical Society of America

[MSA logo]The MSA invites applications for the 2002 grant for Research in Crystallography from the Edward H. Kraus Crystallographic Research Fund. This is a $5000 grant for support of research beginning January 2002. Some restrictions apply. Application instructions and form for the grant may be obtained from the MSA website at Completed applications must be returned by June 1, 2001.

[old and new presidents] Outgoing President Bill Carlson passing the gavel of the MSA presidency to new President Kase Klein. Photo courtesy of MSA.
Elected to office for 2001: Cornelis Klein (U. of New Mexico) as President; Rodney C. Ewing (U. of Michigan) as Vice President; James G. Blencoe (Oak Ridge National Lab) as 2001-2002 Treasurer; and Craig E. Manning (U. of California, Los Angeles) and Kathryn L. Nagy (U. of Colorado) as 2001-2002 Councilors. Remaining in office are William Carlson as Past President; David Jenkins as 2000-2001 Secretary; and Michael Carpenter, Sorena Sorensen, David L. Bish, and Jeffrey E. Post as Councilors.
[Peter C. Burns] Peter C. Burns. [correction]
The Mineralogical Society of America is pleased to announce that Peter J. Wyllie, California Inst. of Technology, is the 2001 Roebling Medallist; Peter C. Burns, U. of Notre Dame, is the 2001 MSA Award recipient; and Jeffrey E. Post, Smithsonian Inst., is the 2001 Mid-Career Award recipient. The 2001 recipient for the research grant in crystallography from the Edward H. Kraus Crystallographic Research Fund is Steven D. Jacobsen, U. of Colorado, for his study of 'Elasticity of singlecrystal (Mg,Fe)O and a new method for generating GHz-frequency shear waves'. The 2001 recipients for the research grants in mineralogy and petrology from MSA’s Mineralogy/Petrology Research Fund are Carlotta B. Chernoff, U. of Arizona, for her study 'Distribution of trace metal contents in black shales and their metamorphic equivalents' and Kaye Sawyer Savage, Stanford U., for her study of 'Efflorescent uptake of trace oxyanions: effect on crystal structure and distribution'. New Fellows of the Society are: Michael B. Baker, Jay D. Bass, Patrick R. L. Browne, Anastasia Chopelas, Patricia M. Dove, Thomas W. Sisson, Takamitsu Yamanaka, and Michael E. Zolensky.
J. Alexander Speer, Administrator Mineralogical Society of America