Volume 7, Number 3 (1999)

On the cover

The glory that was Glasgow ‘99: presiding President Ted Baker and President-elect Henk Schenk in kilts at the Ceilidh, Local Chair Chris Gilmore and Program Chair Judith Howard in repose with the fire extinguisher, Scottish highland dancers and pipeband, and delegates enjoying Scottish hospitality and viewing posters in a splendid setting.

Editorial and production

William L. Duax Editor
Patricia Coley Newsletter Design & Production
Jane Griffin Assistant Editor
Sally Lunge Copy Production


N.M. Allinson, H. Berman, P. Bourne, I.D. Brown, E. Dodson, V. Evsyunin, R.B. Ferguson, G. Gilliland, A. Hamilton, J. Hauser, A. Hunter, A. Kashaev, W. Melik-Adamyam, A. Mishnev, R. Nelmes, G. Newton, J. Parise, V. Pattabhi, D. Poleti, J. Pons, A. Revenko, and T. Safonova.

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