New Section Editor of Acta Cryst. D

Elspeth F. GarmanRandy J. Read
[Charlie Bond]
Charlie Bond, the new Section Editor of Acta Cryst. D.

Professor Charlie Bond of the University of Western Australia has recently been appointed as a Section Editor of Acta Cryst. D.

Charlie started his academic career by studying Chemistry with Industrial Experience at the University of Manchester in the UK, staying there to complete a PhD in the group of Bill Hunter on the structure of the protein drug target, trypanothione reductase. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Sydney with Mitchell Guss and Hans Freeman, he returned to the UK for several years as a BBSRC David Phillips Research Fellow and honorary lecturer at the University of Dundee. Since 2006 he has been a Professor at the University of Western Australia in Perth, where his group employs a broad range of techniques encompassing innovative research in biological chemistry, molecular biology and structural biology, relying on national facilities such as the Australian Synchrotron and the Opal Reactor.

His research particularly focuses on investigating biomolecular complexes and their interactions. To quote from his website: ‘I want to understand how the spatial arrangement of biological molecules in complexes dictates their function. I am particularly interested in protein:nucleic acid interactions, and their functions in gene regulatory complexes in eukaryotes’.

Charlie has been active as a Co-editor of Acta Cryst. D since 2011. The two existing Section Editors (Randy Read and Elspeth Garman) are delighted to welcome him to the team, and look forward to working with him to further development of the journal for the structural biology community.

This article was originally published in Acta Cryst. (2020). D76, 702.

4 September 2020

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