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Driving XRD: Anton Paar launches powder diffractometer XRDynamic 500

[XRDynamic 500]

Anton Paar introduces its own powder diffractometer after supplying non‑ambient XRD attachments and pioneering the SAXS sector for many years. XRDynamic 500 is a fully automated multipurpose X-ray powder diffractometer for the laboratory combining unbeatable data quality with up to a 50% increase in measurement efficiency.

The core of XRDynamic 500 is the unique TruBeam™ concept, which includes a large goniometer radius offering best-in-class measurement resolution for high-quality XRD data. Also, the beam path is evacuated – a first amongst laboratory powder diffractometers – to minimize air scattering and maximize signal-to-noise ratio. Together, these two features eliminate compromise between measurement speed and data quality. Excellent data can now be collected under standard conditions. 

TruBeam™ delivers flexibility and convenience for the user via fully automated X‑ray optics together with automated instrument and sample alignment routines. Automatic switching between up to three different beam geometries at the click of a button allows measurement of different samples with different instrument configurations without any user input.

The high degree of automation along with component recognition and simplified workflows in the XRDdrive control software make XRDynamic 500 both easy to use for beginners and flexible for advanced users, reducing the risk of potential errors. Even novices can collect high-quality XRD data without the need for extensive training.

XRDynamic 500 is a true multipurpose diffraction platform enabling collection of data on many different sample types for various analytical tasks. Whether the sample is a powder, a solid or a nanomaterial, a prime measurement solution is always possible via an extensive range of components and sample stages. This includes the latest pixel detector technology from CERN and Anton Paar’s world-leading non-ambient XRD attachments, which function with a built-in control unit and optimal non-ambient infrastructure in the radiation-safe instrument enclosure. A dedicated SAXS configuration with fully evacuated beam path from source to detector delivers data with the quality of a stand-alone line-focus SAXS instrument with a qmin of 0.05 nm-1 for advanced nanostructure analysis.

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For further information, please contact, tel.: +43-316-257-1350

About Anton Paar

Founded in 1922 in Graz (Austria) by Anton Paar, the company has combined precise mechanical production with the latest achievements in the fields of research and development for many decades. In recent years, Anton Paar GmbH has invested up to 20% of its annual turnover in research and development. The company offers analytical solutions that are produced within the nine producing sites (in Europe and USA).

2 December 2021

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