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Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference

W. L. Duax, R. Marsh, M. Sundaralingam and B. Craven at the 50th Anniversary meeting of the Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, 1992. (Photo W. L. Duax)

The 55th Annual Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference was held at the U. of Georgia, Nov. 1997. Three symposia addressed different areas of diffraction, Metalloproteins chaired by M.K. Johnson and D.M. Kurtz; Structured Water, organized and chaired by L. Williams; and Symposium C, organized by G. DeTitta in honor of Bryan Craven and his "first" retirement.

The Chung Soo Yoo Award was presented to Chun-Jung Chen for his outstanding poster entitled "A Step towards the Transcription Ternary-Bubble Complex Structure: Low-salt Crystals of T7RNA Polymerase".

ACA Newsletter, Winter 1997