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Dr. John McGill has been appointed Vice-President of OSMIC, a developer and manufacturer of precision optics for x-ray and neutron applications.

Philips Analytical X-Ray BV of Almelo, The Netherlands and Metorex International Oy of Espoo, Finland announce a partnership to market a new line of bench-top X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers. And...

Philips Analytical has established a Regional Centre in Singapore. The centre's application facility provides application and customer support for thin film metrology (XRF) and wafer contamination monitoring (TXRF) tools.

Construction of a $1.3 billion Spallation Neutron Source is scheduled to begin in 2000 at Oak Ridge National Lab. in Tennessee (USA). The facility will generate neutrons with an accelerator instead of a reactor. If it is built, it will be the most powerful acceleration driven neutron source in the world.

Nonius celebrated its 50th year in business with a return to its original name. "Nonius" in Dutch is the vernier scale commonly used for precise measurements of distance and angles.

The Inst. of Physics recently awarded the 1998 Paterson medal and prize to Neil Loxley, managing director of Bede Scientific Instruments, manufacturer of analytical X-ray characterization equipment. He was given this honor for applying the phyics of X-ray diffractometry and reflectivity in a commercial setting by successfully developing and manufacturing a number of exceptionally high quality, high resolution X-ray optical instruments.