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Karle receives Hirschmann Award

Isabella I. Karle, a senior scientist at the Naval Research Lab's Structure of Matter lab in Washington, D.C. adds the Ralph F. Hirschmann Award in Peptide Chemistry to her remarkable list of honors and awards. She was honored for her seminal contributions to X-ray crystal structure determinations and peptide conformational analyses, great attention to detail, combined with a wise and informed overview of the implication of the results.

Since 1963, Karle has established accurate parameters for the basic geometry and conformation of peptides and discovered new folding motifs. Among her many honors and awards, Karle received the ACS Garvan Medal (1976), the Bower Award of the Franklin Inst. (1993), the National Medal of Science (1995) and the National Academy of Sciences Award in the Chemical Sciences (1995).

C&EN, January 26, 1998