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[W. L. Duax]If you like this Newsletter, don't tell us, thank our advertisers. Without their generous support, it wouldn't be possible. If there are vendors of scientific instruments, supplies and books that you use regularly, who are not among our advertisers, please let us know their names and addresses. We will contact them about using the pages of the IUCr Newsletter to reach their market in a cost effective manner.

The pipes are calling you to Glasgow for the 1999 IUCr Congress.

The cover of this issue features some exciting recent applications of crystallography. We have attempted to highlight noteworthy crystallographic developments and applications in the pages of past issues under the headlines of Hot Structures and Notices. Because of the incredible scope, volume and importance of crystallographic applications, the editor cannot do justice to fields in a balanced and equitable manner. I have a file of structures of potential entries that seems to grow exponentially and I have yet to find an efficient mechanism to deal with it. I welcome nomination for inclusion in the Hot Structures and Advances pages. Since self citations are tacky, get your friends (assuming you have some) to recommend that your important work be cited in the Newsletter. A few years ago, Science began to honor the structure of the year, it might be appropriate for the readership of this newsletter to nominate and choose the top ten structures of each year. Nominations for that honor in 1998 are now open.

At the 1996 IUCr Congress in Seattle there was a session on Art and Crystallography. Because a number of crystallographers are talented artists, we would like to include samples of their work in the pages of the newsletter. A sketch by I. David Brown appears on page 16. In this case, I invite all crystallographer/artists to stop hiding their light under a bushel and come forward with work they would be willing to contribute to the pages of this newsletter.

William L. Duax, Editor