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Did you know...

An article in the Sept. '97 issue of Physics Today described the unusual career choice of trained physicist Scott Robertson. Scott is a Master Brewer at a Singapore based brew pub. Scott's father, X-ray crystallographer Bev Robertson instilled an interest in brewing in Scott at the family run Bushwakker Brewing Co. in Regina, Canada. Bev is a professor of Physics at the U. of Regina. Bev's taste for beer developed during a sabbatical year at the U. of Stuttgart, in 1976-77. He found nothing in Regina comparable to the robust drink he had enjoyed in Germany, so he mastered the art of home brewing, won beer making competitions and opened the Bushwakker. A 'bushwacker" is a trail blazer. During his early years in Regina, Bev and some colleagues blazed ski trails across the prairie. Later, several of the skiers took up home brewing with Bev, and the group called itself the Bushwhacker Brewers.

Jean Kumagi
Sept. '97 Physics Today 51