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Dear Bill

I am in the third year of a visiting professorship in Taiwan, having a great time, but would consider a relocation, US or foreign, for an interesting biological/medical problem with access to crystallographic facilities. I would require a living expense, salary, resident visa, and access to health insurance. My work on the ultra high resolution structure of lysozyme and anions, is finally in press in Acta Cryst D. Larry Steinrauf, (Prof. Emeritus, Indiana U. School of Medicine) Visiting Prof. of Biological Science and Assoc. Director of Int'l Collaborations, Office of Research Affairs, Nat'l Sun Yat-sen U., Kaohsiung, Rep. of China on Taiwan.

Larry Steinrauf

Dear Larry,

What a splendid way to spend your retirement, in the best tradition of the International Union. Perhaps you should organize a crystallographic peace corp.