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ICDD crystallography scholarship  recipients

The Int'l Centre for Diffraction Data is pleased to announce the recipients of Crystallography Scholarships for 1998. They are: Ekaterina Anokhina (Wake Forest U., Winston-Salem, NC, USA), Nathalie Audebrand (U. de Rennes I, Rennes, France), Susanne C. Feil (St. Vincent's Inst. of Med. Res., Victoria, Australia), Christopher D. Theis (The Pennsylvania State U., University Park, PA, USA), and K. Scott Weil (Carnegie Mellon U., Pittsburgh, PA, USA). E. Anokhina's studies focus on "Niobium Oxochloride Cluster Compounds: a Quest for Correlations between Configuration of the Clusters, Framework Topology and Properties." N. Audebrand will continue her research of "Structure, Microstructure and Temperature-dependent Diffraction Studies of New Cerium-based Precursors and Related Oxides." The exploration of "Structural and Functional Aspects of Poreforming Proteins by X-ray Crystallography and Molecular Biology" will be conducted by S. Feil. C. Theis will study "Ferroelectric Superlattices and Higher n Aurivillius Phases Grown by MBE". "Investigation of the Formation, Structure, and Magnetic Behavior of Compounds in the Nickel-Molybdenum-Nitrogen System" will be researched by K. Scott Weil.