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Two-dimensional visible synchrotron light interferometry for transverse beam-profile measurement at the SPring-8 storage ring

J. Synchrotron Rad. (2003). 10, 295–302

[Figure 8] Observed two-dimensional interference pattern at the working point ( νx, νy) = (40.15, 18.35) close to the condition for users' time operation.

Emittance of an electron beam, which is inversely proportional to the brilliance of the synchrotron radiation, is one of the most important characteristics of a storage ring operated as a synchrotron light source. We have recently developed a two-dimensional visible synchrotron light interferometer for nondestructive measurement of the transverse beam profile giving us information about the emittance. The interferometer has two times better resolution than the conventional beam-imaging monitor. The point-spread function of the interferometer can be calibrated experimentally. The two-dimensional profiling capabilities were verified by observing an electron beam stored in the SPring-8 storage ring operated at various working points. Beam-size broadening and beam tilting were clearly observed near the differential and sum resonance conditions.

M. Masaki and S. Takano