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Crystallographic Society of Japan

Tokyo, Japan, November 2014

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[CrSJ Awards 2014] The winners of the 2014 CrSJ Awards with the President of CrSJ (from left): Nishimasu, Tanaka, Miki (President), Senda and Fujii.
[Poster prizes] The poster Awardees and the President of CrSJ (from left): Tomita, Kawai, Morita, Miki (President), Komatsu, Hibino and Kanaya.

Over 423 crystallographers participated in the 2014 annual meeting and the general assembly of CrSJ held at the U. of Tokyo, 1-3 November. The meeting featured 49 oral and 165 poster presentations covering all aspects of crystallography, four award lectures, three microsymposia (a total of 14 invited talks), a CCP4 workshop, a special lecture promoting gender equality, five luncheon seminars, industrial exhibitions from 15 companies/organizations and a special symposium celebrating IYCr2014.

The IYCr commemorating symposium was held in the morning of 2 November, where leading scientists from various research fields presented lectures: 'Oxide electronics and crystals' by M. Kawasaki (U. Tokyo), 'Super conducting under extreme conditions and crystals' by K. Shimizu (Osaka U.), 'Protonics and crystals' by H. Kitagawa (Kyoto U.) and 'Energy generation and crystals' by N. Kamiya (Osaka City U.).

At the CrSJ Awards Ceremony, the S. Nishikawa Award was presented to I. Tanaka (Hokkaido U.), the Research Award was given to T. Senda (KEK), and the Young Crystallographer Awards went to H. Nishimasu (U. Tokyo) and K. Fujii (Tokyo Inst. Tech.).

Six young scientists were honored with Poster Awards. They are A. Tomita (KEK), H. Kawai (Osaka U.), J. Morita (U. Tokyo), Y. Komatsu (U. Hyogo), K. Hibino (Tokyo Inst. Tech.) and H. Kanaya (Osaka Pref. U.).

A full program of the meeting can be viewed at the CrSJ website The chair of the organization committee was M. Tanokura (U. Tokyo) and the program committee was chaired by K. Ogawa (U. Tokyo).

Tomoji Ozeki