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Zurich School of Crystallography 2015

Zürich, Switzerland, 7-20 June, 2015

Time is running out to get your applications in to attend the ever popular Zürich School of Crystallography, to be held 7-20 June 2015 at the U. of Zürich, Switzerland. The school is ideally suited to young researchers in the molecular and solid-state sciences who do not have access to crystallographic courses at their own institution.

Participants will gain hands-on experience in the science and art of routine single-crystal and molecular structure determination of small molecules through lectures, computer exercises and practical work. During the School, students will have the unique opportunity to use an X-ray diffractometer to collect data and determine the structure of one of their own compounds that they are currently interested in.

Ten tutors experienced in all aspects of chemical crystallography will be on hand to teach the theoretical and practical aspects of this sometimes complex science, ensuring plenty of individual guidance throughout the School.

To find out more about the School and to apply please visit

Tony Linden and Hans-Beat Bürgi