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IUCr XXI Congress Poster Prize Winners

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[Chaille T. Webb] Chaille T. Webb
Chaille T. Webb (Australia), 'Structural insights into the mitochondrial import complex, TIM9.10'. 

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[CCDC winner] CCDC winner
Ana E. Platero-Prats (Spain), 'Design of new MOFs based on alkaline earth metals with promising catalytic applications'; Laura J. McCormick (Australia), 'The diabolecules: Some unexpected copper clusters'; and Christophe M. L. Vande Velde (Belgium), 'Charge density of Ni(MePh2)2(C6F5)2 (1) and the energy density in the Ni-C bond'.
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Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature

Helena J. Shepherd (UK), 'Structural studies of spin crossover compounds under extreme environmental conditions'.

Zeitschrift für Kristallographie

Marek Pasciak (Poland), 'Multi-resolution atomistic simulations and diffuse scattering in BaTiO3'.


Mihoko Hoshino (Japan), 'First report of natural oxyallanite: Oxidation and dehydration during welding of volcanic tuff'.
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[Shiho Tanaka and Kevin H. Stone] (L) Shiho Tanaka (R) Kevin H. Stone
Kevin H. Stone (USA), 'Structure solution of Ag(pyz)2S2O8 in the presence of impurity phases using robust refinement'; Shiho Tanaka (USA), 'Atomic-level models of the bacterial carboxysome shell'; and Tatsuhiro Kojima (Japan), 'Solvent driven association and dissociation of the hydrogen-bonded protonated decavanadate dimmer'.
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[CrSJ winners] CrSJ winners
Yoshihisa Ishikawa (Japan), 'Single crystal structure analysis by neutron 2D-PSD'; Felipe Gandara (Spain), 'A rare-earth MOF series: Fascinating structure, efficient light emitters and promising catalysts'; Alexandra K. Wolf (Germany), 'Prediction and experimental determination of the crystal structure of SiBr4'; Amit Delori (India), 'pKa directed host-guest assemblies of 2,4-diamino-6-methyl-triazine with various dicarboxylic acids'; Norifumi Muraki (Japan), 'Structure of protochlorophyllide reductase reveals a mechanism for greening in the dark'; Yi-Wei Chang (Taiwan), 'Crystal structures of the 70-kDa heat shock proteins in domain disjoining conformation'; Not Shown: Tatsuki Tadenuma (Japan), 'Study of spin and orbital magnetic form factors of CeRh3B2 by X-ray magnetic diffraction'; Shigeyuki Morishita (Japan), 'Image reconstruction by a combination of diffractive imaging and selected area nano diffraction'; and Tatsuya Ibuki (Japan), 'X-ray analysis of FliJ, a cytoplasmic component of the flagellar type III protein export apparatus'.


[CrystEngComm winner] CrystEngComm winner
Sayon A Kumalah (USA), 'Properties of metal-organometallic frameworks derived from facially η6 metalated terephtalates'; Sudarshan Mahapatra (India), 'A novel approach to specifically crystallize anhydrous compounds: Crystal structure of adenine'; Yute Kin (Japan), 'Chiral recognition for inclusion compounds of 3-epicholic and 3-epideoxycholic acids with alcohols'; Gregory J Halder (USA), 'In situ X-ray diffraction studies of host-guest properties in nanoporous spin crossover frameworks'; and Ching-Yi Wei (Taiwan), 'Structure and magnetic properties of a iron(III) spin crossover complex'.